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St Lucia

The Brisbane River and a grand university form the backdrop for this stylish suburb that blends historical charm with contemporary convenience.

St Lucia is a university town, a riverside residential haven and an inner-city suburb all rolled into one. Only 4 kilometres from the city and dominated by the sandstone buildings and manicured lawns of the University of Queensland, St Lucia is unrivalled for convenience, amenities and quality of life.

The University is a drawcard for students and academics from near and far, who merrily make their home in apartments, townhouses and share houses close to the university campus. The proximity to the city, the striking settings and the unmatched facilities make this neighbourhood a chic and convenient home for established professionals and families, too.

Many of the facilities at the university are open to the public – so if you like pools, gyms, sporting facilities, libraries, cinemas, theatres and galleries right on your doorstep (and who doesn’t?), the amenities here are unmatched.

A few small shopping strips around the suburb conceal excellent local bistros and tasty takeaways, as well as handy convenience stores. And of course, coffee here is outstanding – what would students do without it? While you’ll find almost everything you need without leaving the suburb, the public transport here is unbeatable. You can catch a bus to the city, ride your bike to Indooroopilly, catch a ferry to West End or walk across the minimalistic Eleanor Schonell Bridge to Dutton Park.

Beyond the University lawns filled with students lying in the sun under the pretext of studying, the Halls of Residence blend into a number of privately-held apartment blocks and townhouses, both old and new.

Along the river and around the St Lucia Golf Course you’ll find graceful Federation and Queenslander houses on streets lined with jacaranda trees.

Bordered by the Brisbane River and dominated by the majestic grounds and sandstone buildings of the University of Queensland, this suburb is stunning to look at and the ultimate in convenience for students, established professionals and families. It seems that the benefits of a lifestyle in St Lucia are not just academic.

Source: REA